Monday , May 20 2019

Treatment under Customs supervision


Treatment under Customs supervision Production processes exist in which import duties are due on the imported raw materials but not on the end products. To make this kind of production processes economically feasible inside the EU, treatment under Customs supervision is possible. This allows the raw materials to be imported …

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Duty Exemptions: Inward Processing Relief (IPR)


Inward Processing Relief Inward processing relief (IPR) can best be explained by means of an example. Suppose a manufacturer has to buy goods from outside the EU for the company’s production process, and the final goods will be exported to a customer located in a country outside the EU. As …

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Duty exemptions – Customs warehouse


  Duty exemptions – Customs warehouse Companies that trade globally often open a warehouse in a European country from which they distribute goods. There are many EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, Africa) warehouses in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The final destination of some of the goods that are brought …

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DUTY EXEMPTIONS The general rule is that duties are not refunded once they have been paid. However, under specific circumstances, duty exemptions are possible. Here, we describe four possibilities: Customs warehouse Inward Processing Relief Outward Processing Relief Treatment under customs supervision Temporary import  

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WHAT IS A FREIGHT BROKER? A freight broker is a bonded and DOT- (Department of Transportation) licensed agency that secures freight shipping services from freight carriers on behalf of businesses and individuals. Typical freight broker tasks include: Developing a network of top carriers that provide discounted rates for the freight broker’s customers …

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Shipment Tips


Shipment Tips Staying on track during produce season as a Carrier Communicate with your drivers, your staff and your customers so everyone knows what to expect during the busier times of the year. Plan ahead and plan accordingly – Find out the produce shipping needs of your customers. Pay close …

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What is Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)?


  What is Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)? Full truckload can mean 2 things; either you have enough products to fill a full truckload, or you have a partial load but you prefer a dedicated truck. Full truckload is often chosen when businesses have 10 pallets or more to ship, when they have …

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Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL)?


What is Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL)? LTL is a type of ground freight transportation that combines shipments from multiple customers. Businesses choose this budget-friendly option when the consumer demand for their products is average or stable. Less than truckload shipping is affordable for small business because you share the transportation costs …

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