Monday , August 10 2020

Calla lily


Calla lily Description Scientific name and introduction Zantedeschia spp. The striking white blooms of Zantedeschia aethiopoca have long been an important cut flower, and new green-tinged and different-shaped variants are increasingly important. The hybrid ‘mini-callas’, with their elegant shape and wide range of colours, continue to increase in importance as …

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Chicory Harvesting and Handling The edible portion of chicory (or Belgium endive) is the young, enlarged, compact and etiolated terminal bud that is composed of young leaves and the partially suppressed, but enlarging floral stem. In the trade, this product is called a chicon. The chicon results from the forced …

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Cherries Harvesting and handling Cherries appear to have a non-climacteric pattern of respiration and their texture and flavour do not alter significantly after harvest. All stone fruits are prone to serious postharvest decay, the most important diseases being blue mould rot, brown rot, grey mould rot and rhizopus rot. Infection …

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Celery Harvesting and Handling Celery is harvested when the overall field reaches the desired marketable size and before the outer petioles develop “pithiness”. Celery has very uniform crop growth and fields are harvested only once and stalks are packed by size after trimming outer petioles and leaves. High quality celery …

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Cauliflower Harvesting and Handling Cauliflowers are selected for size and compactness of the head or curd. Mature curds are at least 15 cm in diameter. Loose or protruding floral parts, creating a ‘ricy’ appearance, are a sign of overmaturity. Cauliflower is packaged after being closely trimmed into single layer cartons …

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Carrot Harvesting and Handling Carrots can be harvested either bunched or top trimmed; top trimmed is the dominant method. Harvest maturity varies with the market outlet and the end usage. For fresh market, most carrots are harvested partially mature, when the roots are about 2 cm or larger in diameter …

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Cassava :- Mogo


Cassava – Mogo Harvesting and Handling Fresh cassava roots are highly perishable under ambient conditions, becoming unmarketable in 3 days or less. However, with proper handling, fresh roots can be stored up to 30 days, permitting export by marine container. The roots should be firm, turgid, fairly straight, and free …

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Mushrooms   Harvesting and Handling   (Button) mushrooms are harvested by maturity and not by size. Maturity is reached when the caps are well- rounded and the partial veil is completely intact. The stipe (stalk) should have a small length to thickness ratio. Stipe length should be sufficient to permit …

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Shipping Portals


Shipping Portals Shipping portals are websites where shippers, consignees and forwarders can access to communicate with carriers to make bookings, track and trace, and documentation. In the next table you can see in what main shipping portals you can find the main shipping lines:   Carrier Cargo Smart GT Nexus …

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  EVERGREEN Website Vessels Schedules Evergreen Marine Corporation is a Chinese shipping line founded in 1968 and its headquarter is in Taiwan. Its service covers the Far East to North America, Central America and the Caribbean; the Far East to Northern Europe and the East Mediterranean; Europe to the east …

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