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Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Freight Vision News

Crookneck : Summer Squash


Crookneck : Summer Squash Harvesting and Handling There are six horticultural groups of Summer squash: cocozelle, crookneck, scallop, straightneck, vegetable marrow and zucchini. Tenderness and firmness are the major quality characteristics. The surface of Summer squash should be shiny; dullness is a sign of senescence. Fruit should be firm and …

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Cuttlefish Squid Fish, frozen

Frozen fish

Cuttlefish –  Squid – Fish, frozen Description The term fish processing refers to the processes associated with fish and fish products between the time fish are caught or harvested, and the time the final product is delivered to the customer. Although the term refers specifically to fish, in practice it …

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Cucumbers Harvesting and Handling Cucumbers are harvested at a range of developmental stages. Depending on cultivar and temperature, the time from flowering to harvest may be 55 to 60 days. Generally fruit are harvested at a slightly immature stage, near full size but before seeds fully enlarge and harden. Immature …

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Cabbage Harvesting and Handling Cabbage is grown in most major temperate vegetable growing areas and is available year-round in most markets. Round hard cabbages and Chinese cabbages are from the same genus. Chinese cabbages may be cylindrical or rounded and may be less compact than round cabbages. Information mentioned here …

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Carnation, miniature carnation


Carnation, miniature carnation Description / Shipment / Storage / Risk factors Scientific name and introduction Dianthus caryophyllus. Long one of the most important of the commercial cut flowers, the carnation has benefited enormously from the use of STS, which can increase its vase-life two to threefold. The wide range of …

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Carbon Black


Carbon Black Description A sooty substance liable to spontaneous combustion packed in bags, cartons or drums. Carbon black (also known as acetylene black, channel black, furnace black, lamp black or thermal black) is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, Coal Tar, …

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Carbamide – Urea


Carbamide  /   Urea   Description Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals. It is solid, colourless, and odourless (although the ammonia which it gives off in the presence of water, including water vapour …

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Carambola / Starfruit


Carambola / Starfruit Harvesting and handling Harvesting is based on physiological and horticultural maturity as indicated by skin colour change from green to yellowish-green, then to full yellow or yellowish-orange. Optimum sugars are achieved at the full yellow colour, however, ripe fruit are more fragile and easily damaged, hence, fruit …

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Cape Gooseberry / Physalis


Cape Gooseberry /Physalis Harvesting and handling The Physalis (or ‘Cape Gooseberry’) is a small orange fruit similar in size and shape to a cherry tomato. The berry is enclosed in a bladder-like husk, which becomes papery on maturity. Flavour is a pleasant, unique tomato /pineapple like blend. The husk is …

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Cantaloupes / Melons


Cantaloupes / Melons Harvesting and handling Cantaloupes Cantaloupes are harvested by maturity and not by size. Commercial maturity is ideally at the firm-ripe stage or “3/4 to full-slip” when a clear abscission (slip, separation) from the vine occurs with light pressure. Cantaloupes ripen after harvest but do not increase in …

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