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Saturday , May 26 2018
Home / Info / Know about CRATE vs PALLET vs SKID
Fresa Technologies

Know about CRATE vs PALLET vs SKID



It’s really a box

Has four walls as well as a floor

Great for holding products that needs to be securely stored

Can hold a large volume

Very stable

Bulk and harder to transport



Top and bottom deck

More in demand

Typical size 48” x 40’’

More Stable

More friction (Harder to drag)

More convenient for racking

Can carry up to one ton

Easily hauled by a forklift truck



No bottom deck

Less friction (easier to drag)

The oldest type of pallet

Because it’s mobile often used as a permanent foundation for heavy machinery

A cheap version of pallets

Takes up less space when nested


Fresa Technologies

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